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Veterinary Practice Solutions (VPS) was founded by private practice veterinarian & management consultant Dr. Joel Parker and management consultant Hilarie Rockl. PBS brings a high level of functional training and advice to the veterinary private practice community in a format that DVMs instantaneously understand – the SOAP method of:

1. assessing subjective and objective, in this case practice, statistical data,
2. making an assessment, and
3. following up with a carefully laid out “treatment plan” of action to correct defined areas to correct or support. The result? - A practice that runs better with less stress and more profit - one that becomes under control of the practice owner.

We believe this is the method and system you have been looking for. It’s built around a defined practice model by an experienced private practice DVM for private practice DVMs. Please contact us for more information and to see if this is a fit for your practice.

PBS is owned and operated by Fortis Business Solutions Inc., a Registered Microsoft Partner and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.




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